How to say the word synthetic biology with a ‘lele definition’

It’s a phrase you’ll see used by the medical profession, but for some it can also be an opportunity to catch the attention of your friends.

It’s an acronym for “synthetic biology” and it stands for “systems based on artificial life”.

It’s the name given to a number of companies developing synthetic organisms which have the ability to mimic the properties of real life organisms.

The term was coined by Dr Mark Levenson, a researcher from Oxford University, who describes his research as “invasive artificial life” or artificial life-like organisms.

He said the idea of “syndecod” was coined to highlight the way these organisms could be engineered for human use.

“We see a lot of artificial life in nature, we see it in plants, we’ve even seen it in a small amount of human beings,” he said.

“It’s interesting that there are so many different kinds of organisms, because the natural world is so diverse.”

Dr Levensons work is part of a new generation of artificial biologists working to define the different types of organisms that exist in the world.

Synthetic biologists Dr Levinson said the definition of synthetic biology was “to say what these organisms are made of”.

“The idea of synthetic organisms is to have an artificial form of life that we can manipulate, we can tweak, we could modify, and we can evolve in a way that allows us to survive,” he explained.

Synthesis is the process of breaking down or breaking down in order to create more copies of itself.

Dr Levi’s work on artificial biology focuses on how to manipulate the structure of organisms to allow them to grow or to survive.

“So, in the lab, you have a process where you break down the cell into a smaller piece, and then you can build the larger piece of the cell, so that you can create a bigger, bigger cell,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“You have this kind of process where we break the cells down into the pieces and then we can build a cell that is more or less similar to the original, or even the very first, cell.”

We can then start creating these organisms, and it can be done in the laboratory, but we can’t do it in the field because there’s no way to control the growth of the organisms, so we can do the whole thing in the cell.

Dr Michael Brown, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Queensland, said there were a number different definitions of synthetic life. “

If you grow a certain type of organism in a certain environment, the organisms can become more or more similar to that environment.”

Dr Michael Brown, a professor of molecular biology at the University of Queensland, said there were a number different definitions of synthetic life.

He explained that while there were biological organisms in nature which have certain properties which are unique to that particular type of organisms.

But for example, some organisms can grow more than others.

“There are other organisms which are very similar to a particular species of organism, but they’re not related, so they’re totally different,” he added.

“What we see is a variety of different organisms, but there’s a very limited range of biological organisms.”

Dr Brown said there was a lot more to synthetic biology than the word “symbiosis”.

“There’s more to the field than just the name of the company or the product,” he argued.

Dr Brown pointed out that some of the synthetic biologists working in the fields of genetics and bioengineering were also looking at other areas, such as the ability of synthetic cells to repair themselves.

“They’re not just working on the properties that they’ve found, they’re also looking for other properties of the cells to be able to repair itself,” he observed.

Dr Michael said it was a difficult question to answer, and said synthetic biology remained a niche field.

“Synthetic biologists are very interested in what the biology is, but it’s not necessarily a very useful way of looking at what’s really going on,” he noted.

Dr Andrew Leveson, a lecturer in biochemistry and molecular biology from the University at Albany, said it’s a difficult field to address.

“Most of the scientists working in synthetic biology are looking at very novel biology, and so what they are actually working on is very different from what we would expect to see,” he commented.

“And that’s because there is so much variation in the nature of the biological organisms.

Dr Allele Definition Biology is a way of defining biological organisms using the term synthetic biology. “

For example, what is the composition of the cellular matrix?” he asked.

Dr Allele Definition Biology is a way of defining biological organisms using the term synthetic biology.

It comes from the Latin word for synthetic, lele, which means “to make up”.

Dr Levesons research focused on using the lele definition to define biological

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