‘We can’t be afraid of a new generation’: Mother and baby born in India with rare gene variant

A baby girl and her father, who are from the same village, are both genetically identical to each other.

Their mother is a normal female and their father is a male, the mother’s genetic father.

The family is part of a community and both are believed to have the rare gene.

The story, which broke this week in India, shows how India has an unprecedented opportunity to change the future of gene research.

The new baby girl was born at a hospital in Gwalior, the state in the northeastern state of Uttar Pradesh, on May 10.

Her father, a farmer, was admitted to the hospital a few hours later.

Both are being cared for at a private hospital in Uttar Pradesh.

The family is being assisted by a team of scientists at the Institute of Cellular and Molecular Genetics at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, the scientists said.

“The team has been trying to identify the genes that cause the genetic condition,” said a senior scientist, who declined to be named.

“The baby girl has a condition that has not been previously described in India,” said Dr V.V. Narayan, a professor of molecular genetics at the institute.

“We are trying to discover the genes in her that are causing her to develop the condition and to understand her condition,” he said.

The Indian government is currently studying the possibility of introducing the gene editing technique CRISPR-Cas9 to edit the DNA of the human genome.

The technique has the potential to be used to treat many diseases.

Scientists have already edited the DNA in the embryos of animals and humans and hope to be able to do so in humans as well.

But the procedure is not yet safe and has raised ethical concerns, such as a risk of introducing new genetic material into human embryos that could potentially harm the human beings.

But the new baby is not a new case.

Earlier this year, researchers in China successfully edited the human DNA of a healthy mouse.

In August, scientists in the United States were able to edit an adult human genome, the first time a non-human organism had been able to change its DNA.

The story in India was the first in a series of reports about people with rare genetic conditions.

This week, the team said it has been in contact with the father of the baby girl to learn more about their relationship.

“They are both very healthy,” Dr Narayan said.

“He is a very healthy man.

They have a happy relationship.”

The scientists plan to continue their work to understand the genetic basis of the condition.

They are also looking at how to improve the care of people with the condition as well as their ability to live independently.

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