‘No-one was in the room’: How a virus that has claimed more lives than all known Ebola cases has been discovered in a single patient

“The only reason we can say that there was no one in the building was because there was nothing,” said Dr Rajesh Ramesh, the chief medical officer of the countrys largest public hospital.

“The whole building had been evacuated, there was a large crowd of people.”

Ramesh said that while the virus was in a quarantine room, he did not expect it to be tested.

“We do not have the capacity to test it.

But, when we do, we will have a high degree of confidence,” he said.

Dr Narsimha Rao, a microbiologist who works at the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) International Centre for Biomedical Research in Geneva, said there was the possibility that the virus could have been passed from a patient to a laboratory worker.

“There is the possibility there was some interaction between the patient and the lab worker and they passed the virus on to the patient,” she said.

Dr Narsamha Rao at the WHO’s International Centre in Geneva.

Dr Rameshs claim that the WHO is still awaiting the results of tests carried out on some of the Ebola patients, including the three who died.””

And, the only reason why we can’t say that is because there is nothing.”

Dr Rameshs claim that the WHO is still awaiting the results of tests carried out on some of the Ebola patients, including the three who died.

“The WHO and the WHO-affiliated laboratories are waiting for the results.

There is a long list of people that have tested positive and we are waiting on the results,” he added.

In a statement, the WHO said that it was aware of reports that one of its Ebola case patients died from the virus.

“WHO is aware of a case of Ebola that was reported in the WHO laboratory in Guinea,” it said.

“This case was investigated and the patient has been quarantined.”

WHO confirmed that the case had been quashed.

The agency said it would not comment further.

The WHO said it was working with the World Food Programme to help feed more than 100,000 people in Guinea who have not been given the first aid needed to prevent the spread of the virus in their homes.

WHO is working to provide food, water, hygiene kits, hygiene products, antibiotics and isolation rooms to the more than 200,000 households in the country, it said in a statement.WHO also said it is assisting Guinea with its efforts to contain the spread.

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