Scientists have found a new species of plant that eats algae

An algae-eating plant species has been found in the Philippines, and scientists are calling it the first species of algae to be found on the planet.

Key points:A team of scientists have identified the new species as a new genus of the genus AcanthaceaeThe researchers are calling this a new branch of algaeThe species was named Acanthoides tricoccipula”The species, Acanthos tricococcipulatus, is one of three new species that have been identified in the northern Philippines,” said Dr Jose Maria Armas, a researcher at the University of the Philippines.

The researchers identified Acanthoes tricompulatus in the southwestern city of San Fernando, and the team named it Acanthoe.

“It is a new member of the Acanthoi family and it was first reported by scientists from the University Of The Philippines in 2015, but it is the first known species of Acanthoplastid genus,” he said.

“Acanthoises tricoplastulatus is known to consume a wide variety of algae species, and it is considered to be a novel species for the genus.”

The new species has a plant-eating, leaf-eating structure that is capable of digesting algae and can feed on algae, said Dr Armas.

The team identified Acanoe tricolla as a member of a new family of Acanoplastidae.

“The Acanthopulidae is a genus of algae-eaters that can grow in saltwater, but they can also be found in freshwater.”

They can eat a variety of marine and freshwater species.

“This new species is very large, up to 1.5 meters in length, and they are also quite wide,” he added.

“Its leaves are quite long and they have three leaflets, each of which contains five different kinds of algae, and its stems are also composed of algae.”

Their larvae can be eaten by some marine species.

“The researchers also identified another new species called Acanthomegales, a new subfamily of the family Acanthophagidae.

They were named for the name of the famous Greek philosopher and mathematician, Aristotle, and also named after their leaf-bearing stems, Dr Arms said.

Dr Armas said Acanthomes tricopulatus had been known from the tropics, but was the first plant to be identified in its own homeland.”

Since we have found it in the southern Philippines, we thought that it was a new discovery.

We are calling the species Acantholides tricephalophagus,” he explained.”

We will be studying it closely in the next few years to understand its ecology and potential functions.

“The species has an abundance of red algae, which is a good indicator of its nutritional status, Dr James Le, a professor of ecology at the Institute of Marine Biology and the University, said.

He said the new discovery could be used to identify new species in the ocean, and to identify algae-defeating organisms that might be harmful to marine ecosystems.”

These algae-feeding plants will be very valuable for the study of the food web of fish and crustaceans and will help us to understand the evolution of the marine food web,” Dr Le said.

Dr Arma said the species is considered a new, species-rich subfamily for the Acanoi family.”

Some Acanthophyllidae are members of the Agastogastidae, a group of families of plants that are members to the family Agastochaaceae,” he noted.”

Other Acanthopsids are members that belong to the Agatidae family.

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