Bio-age: We’re nearing the end of biological evolution

The age of life is approaching and it’s not just the human race.

A group of scientists have discovered that we’re nearing a critical mass of organisms that have lived for billions of years.

The findings were published on Thursday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

“The age of the universe is near and the planet is getting hotter,” said study lead author David Rose, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Bristol in England.

Rose, who was not involved in the study, said the finding could be used to better understand life in the universe and how it evolves over time.

Researchers used computer models to model the evolution of the Universe, the Earth, and other planets in detail.

They found that life on Earth, including humans, evolved over millions of years and that we are now approaching a critical age where we are nearing the limit of our own ability to evolve.

That’s the age at which we can imagine life outside of Earth, said Rose.

We are entering the era of the ‘post-evolutionary’ world, he said.

One possible reason is the rapid expansion of the Earth’s mass and the rate at which it’s changing.

Another possible reason could be the impact of human activity on the environment.

Some of the planet’s biota are already beginning to die out, and as the Earth ages, those that survive will be in a more vulnerable position.

Life on Earth has also suffered catastrophic changes in temperature and water levels.

For example, as the atmosphere warmed and glaciers retreated in the last Ice Age, there were widespread flooding events, Rose said.

The most obvious consequence of this is that plants, animals, and the ocean are changing.

As these organisms age, their cells stop producing energy and instead become reliant on other life forms, like bacteria and fungi.

It is this change in how organisms live that has the potential to make life on our planet more complicated and challenging, Rose and colleagues said.

Scientists are also beginning to understand how the Universe is changing, including the presence of dark energy.

Dark energy is the mysterious force that is believed to drive the evolution and evolution of all the known matter and energy in the Universe.

Scientists think dark energy is responsible for the large-scale changes that have occurred over billions of year, and that dark energy influences everything from the formation of stars to the rate of global climate change.

There are other processes at work that could be driving the evolution, including those involving chemical reactions and the interactions of planets and stars.

While these changes in the environment could be contributing to the rapid changes that we see now, there is still much to learn about how life evolves in the cosmos, Rose told CNBC.

If we can find a way to slow these processes down, we can possibly understand the origin and evolution and possibly better predict how our own evolution will unfold in the future.

This story was originally published by CNBC

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